• Solutions of Subjects Class 9th and Above, NTSE CBSE Model Test Pater year 2018 with solutions Download


  • Interest in Learning New Things and it’s Benefits

    Holding Interest for students to Learning New Things & Its Benefits : To learning new things are hobbies of a student, they find their importance in finding and learning new things....

    Date : 29-Jul-2018 Time : 10:48:54am
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  • career options in biology group career after 12th

    Top 10 list of career options in biology group career after 12th

    Finally, the Board of examinations are over and the results are out. Now you stand in the Robert Frost’s ‘crossroads ‘ . What will you do next? Will you...

    Date : 27-Jul-2018 Time : 03:42:49pm
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  • civics

    Politics : The World of Democratic

    The politics is the art and science of government; most students have an interest in government this all come through the politics. every politician has its democracy and government...

    Date : 24-Jul-2018 Time : 04:12:56pm
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  • Physics : The Game Of World

    The subject gives the best moral everything which happens, happens for a reason; it might be pulled or push this happen for a reason. So physics is an interesting...

    Date : 23-Jul-2018 Time : 04:39:01pm
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    Economics : Wealth Studies

    Economics is the studies of the construct, sharing, and spending your goods and services with the common people. Economics has centered on the events and connections of the financial...

    Date : 22-Jul-2018 Time : 02:44:35pm
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    Mathematics : A tricky subject

    Mathematics is a subject which is full of logic and full of confusion. Today’s generation Mathematics is very important to understand the different subject if you have the grip...

    Date : 19-Jul-2018 Time : 04:11:10pm
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  • Inculcation of Values in Schools

    Inculcation of Values in Schools: 5 Strategies

    Five strategies of Inculcation of Values in schools and Educational Institutions for all-around individual and social development. Children do not have any social behavior at the time of birth...

    Date : 18-Jul-2018 Time : 08:52:02am
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  • geography

    GEOGRAPHY Graphical phase of world

    Geography is very easy to understand and this only helps us to know about our world which is usually called “earth”, geography is the study of earth and its...

    Date : 17-Jul-2018 Time : 02:41:13pm
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  • The mysterious study of chemistry

    Organic chemistry is basically the study of the structure, mechanisms, properties, and reactions of organic compounds and composition. The Physical chemistry combines chemistry with the physics basics i.e. A Physical chemistry is the study of the fundamental basis of chemical and physical...

    Date : 17-Jul-2018 Time : 09:44:11am
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  • How to Plan a good score in biology, CBSE Examination?

    How to Plan to get a good score in Biology, CBSE Examination? A Biology subject teaches a student about the science with life which is the most important for...

    Date : 16-Jul-2018 Time : 09:36:27am
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