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Gravitational Field And Gravitational Field Intensity

a) It is defined as the space around the attracting body, in which its attraction (gravitational) can be experienced.
b) Intensity of gravitational field or gravitational field strength - it is defined as the force experienced by unit mass place at any point in the gravitational field.
c) Gravitational field is a vector quantity.
d) Suppose a body of mass M is placed at a distance r, then intensity of gravitational field

at point P will be
e) Unit of gravitational field strength is Newton/kg or m/sec2. Dimension formula is [M0 L1 T-2].
f) As the distance (r) increases, gravitational field strength decreases. At r = ∞, value of intensity of gravitational field becomes zero.
g) Intensity of gravitational field at a distance r form the centre of earth is E = = g. I
NOTE : From this expression

E = = g, it is clear that the intensity of gravitational field at any place is equal to acceleration due to gravity.
h) Change of intensity of gravitational field due to a point mass with respect to distance -
E =
i) Relation between gravitational field and gravitational potential -
E = - ΔV ⇒ E = -

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