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Welcome to G D Goenka International School, Udaipur

‘Knowledge Park’ fernio Ka Guda, Off badi road

Tel : +91 7726009966 / 67

Email: info@gdgoenkaudaipur.com

Website: www.gdgoenkaudaipur.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/GDGISU

Key Features

Celebrating the individual
A first class education with lasting values
Where lifelong friendships are formed
An Inspirational Learning Environment
A Fulfilling lifestyle in a family Environment
A balanced curriculum
Offering an all-round education
A balanced meal

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An Inspirational Learning Environment

It started with a dream…. a glorious vision to create an ambiance conducive to
creative learning; An innovative direction towards providing Global education
with firm anchoring in Indian culture, values and tradition; A humble endeavor to
touch the grandest heights of excellence in Education; A school with a

An English Medium, Co-Educational, Day Boarding as well as a Residential
school affiliated to CBSE, G D Goenka International School, Udaipur is situated
in a pollution free, lush green campus spread over 30 acres at the foothill of the
Aravalis. The motto “Higher, Stronger, Brighter” is manifested through world-class
infrastructure and carefully planned curriculum. Here a child gets the best
of everything – amenities, care, education and equal opportunity for all.
G D Goenka, Udaipur aims at developing a winning personality. Creative
pedagogy and multiple intelligence teaching methodologies are holistic
approaches that balance academics, sports and creativity as well as nurture
the emotional and life skills of each child. The school provides an all-around,
quality education, aimed at character building and sound development of a
child’s personality through qualified and committed educators. The school
offers an aired calendar of events and activities throughout the year the school
a week is balanced between lessons, sports, drama and outdoor pursuits. The
‘Knowledge Hub’ Library is a beautiful wing, home to more than 5,000 books
and a computer hub. of the Science School and contains approximately 5,000

A Fulfilling lifestyle in a family Environment

The extensive offering of games, activities, and events that place outside of the
classroom is more than just add-on ‘extras’, they form part of the well-rounded
education that is the G D Goenka lifestyle.

Pupils are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities given to them at
G D Goenka. Our pupils lead busy, active and fulfilling days where they are able
to learn valuable skills and discover new enthusiasms and talents.
The school offers an aired calendar of events and activities throughout the year
the school week is balanced between lessons, sports, drama, outdoor pursuits,
community work, and clubs.

Inter House competitions are widely anticipated and allow pupils to challenges
themselves in area never previously considered and discover new talents.
We believe that children should value the community around them, and offer
pupils the choice to participate in community programmes reaching out to the
local community and good causes.

The NCC and Scouts at G D Goenka International School, Udaipur is a positive
influence in the personal development of many students. NCC and Scouts are
disciplined youth organizations within the School so that pupils develop the power of
leadership by means of training to promote the qualities of responsibility self-reliance, resourcefulness endurance perseverance, and tolerance for each other.

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