Topic Unit and Dimensions, Class 11 Physics MCQ Quiz Test

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MCQ 1:
The unit of power is -

MCQ 2:
In the S.I. system, the unit of temperature is -

MCQ 3:
Which of the following is not a unit for energy ?

MCQ 4:
In SI unit the angular acceleration has unit of -

MCQ 5:
The unit of Stefan’s constant is -

MCQ 6:
Surface tension has MKS unit of-

MCQ 7:
The M.K.S. units of coefficient of viscosity is-

MCQ 8:
Which of the following pairs have same dimensions –
(a) Torque and work
(b) Angular momentum and work
(c) Energy and moment of inertia
(d) Light year and wavelengths

MCQ 9:
If E, M, J and G denote energy , mass , angular momentum and gravitational constant then EJ2/M5G2 has the dimensions of –

MCQ 10:
The dimensional formula for angular momentum is –

MCQ 11:
Vander waal's gas equation is [P + a/V2] (V–b) = RT. The dimensions of constant a as given above are –

MCQ 12:
For 10(at + 3), the dimension of a is-

MCQ 13:
The velocity of a moving particle depends upon time t as v = at + b/(t+c). Then dimensional formula for b is –

MCQ 14:
Which of the following is the most accurate measurement ?

MCQ 15:
In arithmetic 17.8 x 3.1143 = 55.4354. But as a result of experimental measurements the best way to express the product is -

MCQ 16:
A wave is represented by y = a sin (At – Bx + C) where A, B, C are constants. The Dimensions of A, B, C are

MCQ 17:
The dimensional formula of propagation vector (k) is

MCQ 18:
Express length L in terms of G, h and c-

MCQ 19:
If x = at + bt2, where x is in metre and t in hour (hr), then unit of b will be -

MCQ 20:
The equation of a wave is given by y = A sin ω {x /v – k} t ; where ω is the angular velocity and v is the linear velocity . The dimensions of k is

MCQ 21:
The equation of the stationary wave is y = 2A sin (2πct/λ) cos (2πx/λ). Which of the following statements is wrong ?

MCQ 22:
If the units of length and force are increased four times, then the unit of energy will -

MCQ 23:
If the units of length , velocity and force are half, then the units of Power will be –

MCQ 24:
The distance covered by a particle in time t is given by x = a + bt + ct2 + dt3. The dimensions of a and d are –

MCQ 25:
Choose the wrong statement-

MCQ 26:
The period of a body under S.H.M. is represented by : T ∝ PaDbSc, where P is pressure, D is density and S is surface tension, then the values of a, b, and c are -

MCQ 27:
The surface tension of a liquid is 70 dynes/cm. It may be expressed in M.K.S. system as-

MCQ 28:
What is the percentage error in the measurement of time period of a pendulum if maximum errors in the measurement of λ and g are 2% and 4 % respectively -

MCQ 29:
The error in the measurement of volume of sphere is 1.5 %. The error in the measurement of its diameter is -

MCQ 30:
The radius of a thin wire is 0.16 mm. The area of cross-section taking significant figure into consideration in square millimetres is -