Democratic Politics (NTSE/Olympiad)  

1. Electoral Politics

Techniques And Methods Adoped In Election

A party usually adopts the following techniques or methods in elections to the Lok sabha or the Vidhan Sabha.
1. Postering : A few days before the actual election day, the election campaign begins with postering. These posters being the photographs of the national leaders of the party concerned appear on the walls of the main bazars and the streets.
2. Meetings : Then the candidates hold various party meeting and corner meeting to get the support of the party workers as well as the local social, religious and cultural bodies.
3. Speeches : Then various public meetings are held at different places of the constituency to get support of the common masses. In these meeting various speeches are delivered by the local as well as national leaders. Much light is thrown in these meetings on the policies and programmes of the party to which the candidate belongs.
4. Processions : Often long processions are taken out in the constituency from one corner to the other. In these processions large number of trucks, cars, tempoes, tongas, rickshaws, motor-cycles, scooters, cycles, etc. are used to carry the processionists who shout slogans in favour of the their candidate, or sometimes against the other candidates at their loudest voice.
5. House to House Canvassing : Then house to house canvassing is undertaken by the candidate and his partymen to get the support and sympathies of the general public. The pamphlets and respective manifestoes are freely distributed among the people to get their vote.

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