Democratic Politics (NTSE/Olympiad)  

3. Outcomes of Democracy

How Do We Assess Democracy’s Outcomes

How Do We Assess Democracy’s Outcomes > Democracy is a better form of government when compared with dictatorship or any other alternative.
It was said that democracy was better because it :
(i) Promotes equality among citizens
(ii) Enhances the dignity of the individual
(iii) Improves the quality of decision-making
(iv) Provides a method to resolve conflicts, and
(v) Allows a room to correct mistakes
Over a hundred countries of the world today claim and practice some kind of democratic politics : They have format constitutions, they hold elections, they have parties and they guarantee rights of citizen. While these democratic elements are common to most of them, these democracies are very much different from each other in terms of their social situation, their economic achievements and their cultures. Clearly, what may be achieved or not achieved under each of these democracies will be very different.
Sometimes we expect everything and anything from democracy. Our interest in and fascination for democracy often pushed us in taking a position that democracy can address all socio-economic and political problems. If some of our expectations are not met, we start blaming the idea of democracy or we start doubting if we are living in a democracy. It can only create conditions for achieving some things. The citizens have to take advantage of those conditions and achieve those goals. Moreover, democracy is just not related to many other things that we value. Democracy is not a magical remedy for all our social ailments.

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