Democratic Politics (NTSE/Olympiad)  

1. Electoral Politics

Educational Qualifications

In some countries, educational qualification is quite necessary for the voters and the candidates. They hold the view that when some kind of qualification is quite necessary for holding any job, it should also be there for the voters especially the candidates who would hold such an important post of responsibility.
But many people, especially those of the developing countries, do not agree with the above view because of the following reasons :
1. The imperialistic countries intentionally ignored to impart education to their subject people due to lack of finances and other administrative reasons. As a result of which a large majority of the people remained illiterate. As they equally fought for the independence of their country along with other educated people, they have equal right to participate in the political set-up of their country.
2. Secondly, it is argued that educational qualifications are not relevant to all kinds of jobs. A cricket player should be judged by his ability to play cricket and not by his qualification.
3. The voters are the best judge to choose the educated candidate or an experienced man who has the ability to understand people’s concerns, problems etc.
4. It is also argued that if a graduate degree (B.A, B.Sc., B.Com.) is made compulsory for candidates, more than 90 percent of the voters would become ineligible for contesting an election. Would that be democratic ?

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