Democratic Politics (NTSE/Olympiad)  

4. Challenges to Democracy

Gloassary (Challenges to Democracy)

1. Challenges : Difficulties which are significant and which can be overcome are known as challenges.
2. Political Reforms : Suggestions or proposals about overcoming various challenges to democracy are called “Democracy Reforms” or “Political Reforms”.
3. Legal Constitutional Changes : Legal ways of reforming politics and to think of new laws to ban undesirable things are known as the legal constitutional changes.
4. Right to Information Act : It is an act that empowers the people to find out what is happening in government and act as watchdogs of democracy.
5. Bureaucracy : It refers to the rule by the office or rule by the officials. The term denotes the organisation, officials and set procedures associated with any large administrative set up.
6. Challenges to democracy : It means various problems that come while ensuring a democratic set up in a country. A challenge is not just any problem.
7. Forms of democracy : There are two forms of democracy direct and indirect.
8. Direct Democracy : In the Direct democracy people govern themselves.
9. Indirect Democracy : People keep control on the government through their representatives.
10. By Elections : Due to the certain causes, if election held out of the normal schedule, are called by elections.

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