Economics (NTSE/Olympiad)  

2. Food Security In India

Role of cooperatives in food security

Role of cooperatives in food security :
The co-operative societies are the societies which are run by local people who are democratically elected by the people. These co-operation provide the people the basic necessities of like food grains, milk, vegetable etc at reasonable rates.
The consumer co-operative structure in the country has four tiers.
1. The National Co-operative, Consumer Federation of India Limited (NCCF)
2. State Co-operative Consumer Organisation.
3. Consumer Co-operative Stores
4. Primary Stores
The NCCF has its Head Office at New Delhi
Main function of NCCF are -
1. To provide essential and other commodities to the consumers at reasonable prices.
2. To protect the consumers against artificial scarcity, over charging of prices supply of sub-standard goods and the unfair trade practices.
3. To stabilize the prices of essential goods.
4. To strengthen the consumer Co-operative societies.

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