Economics (NTSE/Olympiad)  

5. Consumer Rights

Glossary (Consumer Rights)

1. Adulteration : It is a process by which the quality of food substance is lowered through the addition of other inferior substances to make higher profits.
2. Consumer Awareness : Consumer’s consciousness towards their right and social and legal obligation of the business and the government towards consumers is known as consumer awareness.
3. Consumer Exploitation : It is a situation in which consumer is cheated by the producer.
4. Consumer Courts : These are courts which have been established under the consumer Protection Act, 1986 at different levels for the protection and promotion of consumer interest.
5. Consumer : Any person who buys any thing in the market and uses it.
6. Consumer Protection Act, 1986 : It is one of the most important legal measures in protecting the rights of the consumer.
Agmark : It is meant for the agricultural product.


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