Economics (NTSE/Olympiad)  

1. Development

Human Development

Human Development
Factors which contribute to the human development :
1. Living a long and a healthy life.
2. To have education, information and knowledge.
3. Enjoying a decent standard of living.
4. Enjoying basic fundamental rights.
5. To have equality and enjoyment of human rights.
Importance of Human Development :
1. It indicates the level of development of a country.
2. It indicates to a country how far it has travelled and how far it has yet to travel to achieve a high rank.
3. Through it one comes to know the important elements of economic welfare.
Two indicators of Human Development :
1. National Income 2. Per Capita Income
Human Development : It is the process of enlarging people’s choices as well as raising the level of well being so that they can lead a purposeful and creative life.
Difference between Human & Economic Development :

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