Economics (NTSE/Olympiad)  

2. Food Security In India

Problems of the Working Of The Ration Shops

Some scholars criticise the public Distribution System on various grounds and stress the need of reforming the whole system. They point out the following problems in the working of the Ration Shops or the Public Distribution system :
1. Firstly, it is pointed out the quality of rationed articles issued to the poor is much less than required by them. As a result, the poor have to depend on markets than the ratio shops for their food needs.
2. Secondly, the ration shop dealers resort to malpractices. They divert the grains of the open market to get a better margin.
3. Some ration shop dealers sell poor quality of grains at the ration shops.
4. Still others open their shops irregularly so that the poor people could not draw their ration quota.
5. Some dealers weigh less and cheat the illiterate customers.
6. Some ration shops are unable to sell their poor quality grains, which becomes a great headche for the FCI.
7. With the introduction of three types of cards and three different prices for the same article to the different people, the whole system of public distribution System has became much complicated. In such a case many ration shop dealers themselves surrender them and they shift to other business.
8. Any family above the poverty line gets very little discount at the ration shop so there is very little charm for them to buy their items from the ration shops.

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