Economics (NTSE/Olympiad)  

4. Globalisation and the Indian Economy

The Struggle For A Fair Globalisation

The Struggle For A Fair Globalisation
The above evidences indicate that not every one has been benefitted from globalisation. People with education, skill and wealth have made the best use of the new opportunities on the other hand, there are many who have not shared the benefits. So now there is need for fair globalisation i.e. where all get equal opportunities and development takes place but not at the cost of poor people and environment.
Role of Government :
1. Government should prepare such policies that must protect the interest, not only of the rich and the powerful, but of all the people in the country.
2. Government can ensure that labour laws are properly implemented and the workers at their rights.
3. Government can reserve some items exclusively for small scale and local producers.
4. If necessary, the government can use trade and investment barriers like quota system, imports duties etc.
5. It can negotiate at the WTO for fair rules.

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