Economics (NTSE/Olympiad)  

1. Development

Sustainable Development and Quality of life

Sustainable Development and Quality of life
Sustainable Development : It is that process of economic development which aims at maintaining the quality of life of both present and future generation without harming natural resources and environment.
Features of sustainable Development :
1. Efficient use of natural resources :
It means that natural resources and environment should be used in efficient manner as to achieve long term net objective like increase in income and employment, abolition of poverty, improvement in standard of living etc.
2. No reduction is the quality of life of the future :
Sustainable development aims at making use of natural resources and environment for raising the existing standard of living in such a way as not to bring down the quality of life of future generation.
3. No increase in pollution :
It decries those activities which in order to maintain existing high standard of living prove detrimental to natural resources and environment.
4. Does not limit development :
It does not aim at limting economic development. Its objective is that natural resources and environment be used in such manner as to maintain not only be present but also the future rate of economic developments.

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