Chapter : 1. The Rise Of Nationalism In Europe

The Age Of Revolutions : 1830-1848

The Age Of Revolutions : 1830-1848
(1)The first revolt took place in France in July 1830. The kings who had been restore to power during the conservative’s reaction after 1815, were now over thrown by liberal resolutionaries who installed a constitutional monarchy with Louis Philippes. ‘When France Sneezes’ Metternich one remarked ‘the rest of Europe catches Cold’.
(2) Uprising in Brussels : The July Revolution sparked an uprising in Brussels which led to Belgium breaking away from the United Kingdom of the Netherlands.
(3) Uprising in Greek : Greek had been part of the Ottoman Empire since the fifteenth century. The growth of revolutionary nationalism in Europe sparked off a struggle for independence amongst the Greeks which began in 1821. Nationalists in Greece got support from other Greeks living in exile and also from many West Europeans who had sympathies for ancient Greek culture. Poets and artists lauded Greece as the cradle of European civilisation and mobilised public opinion to support its struggle against a Muslim empire. The English poet Lord Byron organised funds and later went to fight in the war, where he died of fever in 1824. Finally, the Treaty of Constantinople of 1832 recognised Greece as an independent nation.
(i) The Romantic Imagination and National Feeling
(ii) Hunger, Hardship and Popular Revolt
(iii) 1848 : The Revolution of the Liberals

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