Chapter : 4. Print Culture and The Modern World

Further Innovations

(b) Further innovations :
(i) By the mid-nineteenth century, Richard M. Hoe of New York perfected the power driven cylindrical press. This was capable of printing 8000 sheets per hour. It was particularly useful for printing newspapers.
(ii) In the late nineteenth century, the offset press was developed which could print up to six colours at the same time.
(iii) From the turn of the twentieth century, electrically operated presses accelerated printing operations. A series of many other developments followed. Methods of feeding paper improved, the quality of plates became better, automatic paper reels and photoelectric control of the colour register were introduced.
(iv) Nineteenth-century periodicals sterilized important novels. In the 1920s in England, popular works were sold in cheap series, called the Shilling Series. Dust cover or the book jacket is also a twentieth-century innovation. In the 1930s publishers brought out cheap paperback editions.

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