Chapter : 2. Magnetic Effect of Current

Alternating Current (AC)

Alternating Current (AC)
The electric current which changes its direction (or polarity) after a certain fixed interval of time is called alternating current or AC. Thus, in AC, the polarity (+ or –) is not fixed. The electricity supplied to our homes and industry in our country is alternating current (AC).
Advantages of the alternating current (AC) :-
The alternating current (AC) has the following advantages.
The alternating current (AC) can be transmitted over long distances without much loss of energy and at low rate of transmission.
The alternating current (AC) operated machines such as electric fan, electric motor etc., are more durable and convenient as compared to those operated on direct current (DC).
Alternating current (AC) can be controlled by a choke coil at very low energy loss. On the other hand, direct current (DC) can be controlled only by ohmic resistances at relatively much higher energy loss.

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