Chapter : 2. Magnetic Effect of Current

Types of Magnets, Temporary Electromagnets

Types of Magnets
(A) Permanent (Natural & Artificial magnets)
(B) Temporary (Electromagnets)
(B) Temporary (Electromagnets)
Electromagnets are based on the magnetic effect of electric current. An electromagnet is usually prepared by placing a soft iron core in a solenoid, or by winding a large number of turns of an insulated wire (generally the insulated copper wire) on a cylindrical soft iron core. An electromagnet shows magnetic properties only as long as the electric current flows through the solenoid. Thus, electromagnets are temporary magnets.
Difference between electromagnet and permanent magnet
Electromagnet :

Nature of Magnetism : Temporary. An electromagnet shows magnetism only as long as current flows through it.
Polarity : The polarity of an electromagnet can be changed by reversing the direction of the current.
Strength : The strength of an electromagnet can be increased or decreased by increasing or decreasing the current.
Permanent magnet (or Bar magnet) :
Nature of magnetism : Permanent (or bar) magnets show permanent magnetism.
Polarity : Polarity of a permanent magnet cannot be changed.
Strength : The strength of a permanent magnet cannot be changed.

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