Chapter : 1. Electricity



or ...(i)
where ρ (rho) is called resistivity of the material of conductor.
यदि, l = 1 m और a = 1 m2
तब R = ρ ...(ii)
Thus, if we take 1 metre long piece of a substance having a cross-sectional area of 1 meter2, then the resistance of that piece of the substance is called its resistivity.
Resistivity of a substance can also be defined as follows :
The resistance offered by a cube of a substance having side of 1 metre, when current flows perpendicular to the opposite faces, is called its resistivity.
Units of Resistivity
From equation (i), we can write

So, SI unit of resistivity (ρ)
= = ohm.m
Thus, the SI unit of resistivity is ohm. m (or Ω .m).

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