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NCERT Solutions for the class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 for the subjects Maths, Science, Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Social Science, History, Geography, Civics and Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, preparation for NTSE/NEET & Olympiad Examinations.

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Access CBSE NCERT Syllabus 2018 – 2019

CBSE Syllabus of Class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th contains the list of topics and subtopics to be covered in the course of study during an academic year. It includes summary and list of chapters to be studied during teaching and learning process in particular grade or class / grade for 6th onwards.

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Free CBSE RBSE Sample Papers Download

Students get the latest sample question papers are available to downloads of all boards which follows the complete and latest pattern help the concept of examinations. Also Students can download the model papers to crack the examinations and improve your skills. Anytime Online Study Material are ready to access here.

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Browse Popular Online Courses for Class IX and X


This Module covers Electricity, Magnetic Effect of Current, Light Reflection & Refraction, Human Eye, Energy Sources, Motion, Force & Laws of Motion, Work and Energy Resources, Gravitation, Sound, & many more . . .


This Module covers Minerals & Energy Resources, Manufacturing Industries, National Economy, Agriculture, Features of India, Drainage, Climate, Natural Vegetation & Wild Life, Population, & many more . . .


This Module covers Metals & Non-Metals, Introduction of Bonding, Chemical Reactions, Acid Bases & Salts, Carbon Compound, Periodic Classification, Matter, Molecules, Atoms and Molecules, Structure of Atoms, & many more . . .


This Module covers Real Numbers, Linear Equation, Trigonometry, Similar Triangles, Statistics, Polynomials, Quadrilaterals, Herons Formula, Lines & Angles, Probability, Circle, Construction, Area & Volumes, solutions and many more ...


his Module covers Nutrition, Respition, Transportation, Excretion, Control & Coordination, Reproduction, Our Environment, Heredity & Evolution, Cell, Tissue, Food Resources, Human Disease, Natural Resources, Diversity in Living Organism & many more . . .


This Module covers Constitutional Design, What is & Why Democracy, Electoral Politics, Democratic Rights, Power Sharing, Federalism, Democracy & Diversity, Gender, Religion and Caste, Political Parties, & many more . . .


This Module covers Consumer Rights, Globalisation and the Indian Economy, Money and Credit, Development, Sectors of The Indian Economy, The Story of Village Palampur, Poerty As Challenge, Food Security in India & many more . . .


This Module covers Alphabet Test, Coding-Decoding, Logical Diagrams, Mathematical Aptitude, Synonyms, Direction Sense, Non-verbal Intelligence test, Number Series, 2-Magic Circles & Squares, Classification, Analogy, Cubes & Dice, Letter Series & many more . . .


knowledgeuniverseonline.com is established with the vision to provide complete educational online solutions which cover almost the entire educational Universe and it is of immense importance for the students of schools as well as colleges of the entire globe. At the primary level, the process involved will be the development of the database of questions which will finally turn in to Knowledge Universe consist of almost every educational solution for all those who directly or partially involved with the education. All short notes for class 10 &12 NTSE IIT CBSE online solutions are available to learn and understand the concept deeply.

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