Chemistry (NTSE/Olympiad)  

4. Structure Of Atoms

Anode Rays

The pressure in the tube is decreased, it was observed that in addition to cathode rays, a new kind of rays are also found which came through the perforations (holes) of the cathode. These rays travelled in opposite direction of the cathode rays and passed through the holes of the cathode and struck the other end of the discharge tube. When these radiations struck the end of the tube P, the fluorescent radiations were also produced. These rays were called canal rays because they are passed through the holes or canals in the cathode. These were also called anode rays because they move from the anode. It was found that the anode rays consist of positively charged particles. Therefore, these rays were also called positive rays.
Properties of Anode Rays
Anode rays travel in straight lines.
Anode rays consist of material particles.
Anode rays are deflected by electric field towards negatively charged plate. This indicates that they are positively charged.
Anode rays are deflected by magnetic field. The direction of deflection indicates that they are positively charged.
The charge to mass ratio of the particles in the anode rays was determined by W. Wien by using Thomson’s technique. Charge to mass ratio of the particles in the anode rays depends upon nature of the gas taken in the discharged tube.
The nature of anode rays depend on the nature of the gas taken in discharge tube.

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