Chapter : Polynomial

Algebraic Expression

What is an Algebraic Expression: 

An algebraic expression is a collection of terms separated by plus (+) or minus (–) sign. For example : 3x + 5y, 7y – 2x, 2x – ay + az, etc.

What is Terms: 
The various parts of an algebraic expression that are separated by ‘+’ or ‘–’ sign are called terms.

For example :
     Algebraic expression    No. of Terms     terms
      –32x                                         1                     –32x
   2x + 3y                                       2                   2x and 3y
ax – 5y + cz                                  3                  ax, –5y and cz

Types of Algebraic Expressions :
(i) Monomial : An algebraic expression having only one term is called a monomial. For ex. 8y, –7xy, 4x2, abx, etc.
The term ‘mono’ means ‘one’ (1).

(ii) Binomial : An algebraic expression having two terms is called a binomial. For ex. 8x + 3y, 8x + 3, 8 + 3y, a + bz, 9 – 4y, 2x2 – 4z, 6y2 – 5y, etc.
‘ bi’ means ‘two’.

(iii) Trinomial : An algebraic expression having three terms is called a trinomial. For ex. ax – 5y + 8z, 3x2 + 4x + 7, 9y2 – 3y + 2x, etc.
‘tri means ‘three’.

(iv) Multinomial : An algebraic expression having two or more terms is called a multinomial.

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