Chapter : 2. Force & Laws Of Motion

Newton's Second Law of Motion

(B) Newton's Second Law of Motion
Momentum :The product of mass and velocity is called 'momentum'. i.e.
(a) Unit : SI unit of Momentum is kg-m/s.
(b) It is a Vector Quantity.
Newton's Second Law States "the rate of change of momentum of a body is directly proportional to force and takes place in the direction of force."
where P1 = initial momentum = mu
P2 = final momentum = mv

(b) Unit of force in SI system is newton.
(c) 1N is equivalent to that force which canproduce an acceleration of 1m/s2 in a body of mass 1 kg.
(d) Unit of force in CGS system is dyne.
1 dyne = 1 gm - cm/s2
1 N = 105 dynes

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