Physics (NTSE/Olympiad)  

2. Magnetic Effect of Current

Two Poles Of A Magnet

Two Poles Of A Magnet
Poles of a magnet : When ends of a magnet are dipped in iron filings, the filings stick to its ends only and not to its sides. It means that in magnets, centres of attraction are located near ends only. These centres of attraction near the ends of a magnet are called poles.
When this magnet is freely suspended, the two ends point in north–south direction. The pole near the end pointing towards North (north–seeking end) is called North pole. The pole near the end pointing towards South (south–seeking end) is called South pole.
Interaction between poles : The magnetic poles exert forces on each other. Like pole repel each other, i.e., one north pole will repel another north pole or unlike poles attract each other i.e., north pole attract south pole.

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