Democratic Politics (NTSE/Olympiad)  

3. Democratic Rights

Glossary Democratic Rights

1. Begar : Forced labour. The practise of working free for landlords or other powerful people.
2. Fundamental Rights : These are the basic human rights which are given to every citizens in a democracy for the development of their personality. These rights are guaranteed by the constitution.
3. Constitutional Rights: Constitutional means of remaining or redressing grievances. A settlement through courts.
4. Justiciable : A case which can be examined in a court of law.
5. Preventive Detention : Taken into custody by the police on grounds of fear of breach of the peace.
6. Writs : A written document by which a court asks to do something. Under the Right of constitutional Remedies, the court issues five types of writs called quo warranto, habeas corpus, mandamus, prohibition and certiorari.
7. Rights : Rights are the reasonable claims of persons recognised by society and sanctioned by law.
8. Amnesty International : It is an independent international organisation of volunteers who campaign for human rights. It highlights violation of human rights on over the world.
9. Claim : A demand for legal or moral entitlement which a person makes of fellow citizens, society or the government.
10. Covenant : A promise made by individuals, groups or countries to uphold a rule or principle.
11. Dalit : A person belonging to a low caste also known as scheduled castes and depressed classes.
12. Ethnic Group : A group of people who share a common ancestry. They are bound together by common cultural practices, religious beliefs and historical memories.
13. Human Trafficking : Buying or selling of men, women or children for immoral purposes.
14. Summons : An order issued by a court asking a person to appear before it.


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