Biology (NTSE/Olympiad)  

2. Tissue

Animal Tissue

Animal Tissue
Classification of Animal tissue :

Epithelial tissue :
Epithelial tissue is a simplest as a protective covering.
Function of epithelial tissue:
Epithelial cover the body surface as an outer layer of skin and provide protection to the underlying tissues from mechanical injury, drying up, entry of germs (viral or bacterial pathogens), and harmful chemicals.
Epithelia forms inner lining of mouth, alimentary canal and other internal organs inside the body and protect these organs.
Epithelial lining of the intestine absorbs water and digested food.
Epithelial tissues help in the elimination of nitrogenous and other waste products.
Epithelial lining of the cavities give rise to glands that provide valuable secretions such as mucus, gastric juice, etc.

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