Biology (NTSE/Olympiad)  

3. Improvement In Food Resources

Storage of Grains

Storage of Grains
Proper and safe storage of food grains is necessary to ensure their availability throughout the year.
The various factors that contributes to this loss can be placed into two categories -
Biotic Factor :
Such as insects, rodents (e.g., squirrel, rat), birds (e.g., sparrow, crow, pigeon), fungi, mites and bacteria.
Abiotic Factor :
Such as moisture content and temperature.
Higher temperature (i.e., 30 – 32ºC) of stored grains make them liable to decay.
The various types of damages caused by the above factors include
(a) Infestation in insects,
(b) Degradation in quality,
(c) Loss in weight,
(d) Poor germinability,
(e) Discolouration of produce
(f) Poor marketability

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