Biology (NTSE/Olympiad)  

8. Our Environment

Ecosystem Structure

Ecosystem Structure
Ecosystem consists of two types of components, biotic and abiotic.
Biotic components:
They incluce all the living organisms present in the ecosystem. The assemblage of populations of different living organisms present in an ecosystem is also called biotic community. Autotrophs are also called producers. All other organisms which are unable to manufacture their own food are called heterotrophs. Heterotrophs are of two types, consumers and decomposers.
Producers : They are green plants, blue-green algae (= cyanobacteria), some bacteria and minute free floating autotrophic organisms called phytoplankton. All of them possess chlorophyll. The energy contained in food is chemical energy. It is the transformed form of solar energy that has been absorbed with the help of chlorophyll of producers. Because of it, the producers are also called transducers or converters.

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