Biology (NTSE/Olympiad)  

1. Nutrition

Alimentary Canal Contains Following Parts

Mouth: Transverse slit like aperture.
Oral Cavity : It is bounded by lips & has cheeks, gums, teeth & tongue.
The food taken inside oral cavity is masticated i.e. mechanically broken into smaller particles before being swallowed.
The floor of the buccal cavity has a tongue bearing taste buds.
Man possesses teeth on both the jaws, there are 32 teeth of four different types, namely incisors, canines, premolars & molars.
Dental Formula :

मनुष्य में I , C , Pm , M = x 2 = Total 32 Teeths
Pharynx : It is short conical region that lies after the mouth cavity.
Oesophagous : It is a long narrow muscular tube which leads to the stomach. No digestive gland are present.
Stomach : It lies below the diaphragm on the left side of abdominal cavity is J-shaped.
Small Intestine : It is convoluted tube and differentiated into 3 regions, viz.
(a) Duodenum Duodenum which is the first part of small intestine & is curved C-shaped;
(b) Jejunum Jejunum, comparatively longer & more coiled and
(c) Ileum Ileum, which is the last part of small intestine whose inner surface is folded to form villi, which absorbs the products of digestion.


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