Biology (NTSE/Olympiad)  

2. Tissue

Dense regular connective tissue

(ii) Dense regular connective tissue :
Dense regular connective tissue consists of orderd and densely packed fibres and cells. The fibres are loose and very elastic in nature. They are secreted by the surrounding connective tissue cells. This tissue is the principal component of tendons and ligaments.

(a) Tendon : Tendons are cord-like, very tough, inelastic bundles of white collagen fibres bound together by areolar tissue. The cells present in the tendons are elongated fibroblasts which lie in almost continuous rows here and there. The tendons connect the skeletal muscles with the bones.
(b) Ligaments : Ligaments are cords formed by yellow elastic tissue in which many collagen fibres are bound together by areolar tissue. The fibroblasts are irregularly scattered. This tissue combines strength with great flexibility. The ligaments serve to bind the bones together.

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