Biology (NTSE/Olympiad)  

9. Management of Natural Resources

Natural Resource

Natural Resource
Natural resources are nonliving and living components of nature which are being used or have the potential of being used by human beings for meeting their requirements of food, fodder, shelter, clothing, articles of use and recreation.
Inexhausitble resources :
Inexhausitble resources are those resources which occur in such abundance that they are unlikely to get exhausted with time, e.g., water, air, solar energy.
Exhaustible Resources :
Exhaustible resources are resources which are likely to diminish and get exhausted with continuous exploitation.
Exhuastible resources of two types :
(i) Renewable Resources : Renewable resources are exhaustible resources that are being replenished naturally and are, therefore, likely to remain available if they are not used beyond their renewability, e.g., forests, wildlife, soil.
(ii) Nonrenewable Resources : Nonrenewable resources are those resources which are likely to get exhausted with continued use because of lack of regeneration, e.g., fossil fuel.

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