Biology (NTSE/Olympiad)  

5. Control & Coordination

Coordination In Plants

Coordination In Plants
Plant Hormones:
Auxion : Auxions take part in a number of plants processes. Some are as follow :
Auxin Promote apical daninance.
Auxin participates in molecular reaction
Affects osmotic pressure by increasing solutes
Affects enzyme action
Affects nucleic acid activities
Stimulates respiration
Promotes root formation
Helps in inhibition of leaf and fruit abscission
Gibberellins : These hormones were first identified in studies of a disease of rice in Japan, the bakanal (foolish seedling) disease caused by Gibberella fujikuroi. These are second important growth hormones found in plants. Normally gibberellins causes increased growth, especially in height of stem. So gibberelline are defined as the growth hormones which causes cell elongations.
Cytokinins : Cytokinins are defined as compounds having a highly specific hydrophilic group or adenine and one nonspecific lipophilic group. Name of some cytokinins are :- Kinetin, dihydrozeation, methylthiozeation and riboxylzeatin.

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