Biology (NTSE/Olympiad)  

2. Respiration

Mechanism Of Respiration

Mechanism Of Respiration
Respiratory centre is in Medulla Oblongeta. Mechanism of breathing involves Two Phases.
(A) Inspiration
(B) Expiration
Inspiration : Intercostal and phrenic muscles of diaphragm contract to increase thoracic cavity, therefore outside rushes inside.
Expiration : Intercostal & phrenic relex muscles. Due to decrease of thoracic cavity air pressure within lungs increase, the greater pressure within lungs force ful air from lungs to outside of body.
Gaseous Exchange : Gaseous exchange occur in Alveoli following pressure gradient O2 from high pressure in alveoli diffuse into blood & CO2 from blood in alveoli.
Gaseous Transport : O2 is carried by haemoglobin (in RBC). 100 ml of blood can carry ~20 ml of O2 max, CO2 is transported in form of bicarbonates in plasma.

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