Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

1. Indian Size & Location

Meritis Of Central Location Of India

1. Because of its central location, India has the great advantage in establishing trade relation both with West Asia Africa and Europe on the eastern side.
2. India is situated in Asia which is the most populous continent of the world. Not only this it is situated in the middle of this largest continent as such India has vast and open market very near to it on both side.
3. India has sea on her three side so she can have direct trade relations through sea with all the countries of the world.
4. The Suez sea-route provides us the shortest route to industrial Europe and America.
5. The busy air-routes pass through India, connecting east. South East Asia and Australia on the one hand and Europe and America on the other.
6. The third largest ocean in the world came to be known as the Indian Ocean because the subcontinent of India stands at the head of this ocean. India was the favorite destination of the traders of the world.

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