Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

1. Minerals and Energy Resources

Energy Resources

Energy Resources :
The resources which are used for generating energy are known as energy resources e.g. Coal, Petroleum etc.
Classification Of Energy Resources

Conventional Source :
Conventional power sources are those which are exhaustible.
1. Once they have been used up, they cannot be replaced. e.g. Coal, Petroleum.
2. They are very costly and causes pollution.
3. These are going to last just for 100-200 years.
4. These are non-renewable source of energy e.g. coal, petroleum, uranium.
Non-Conventional Source :
There are resources of energy which can be renewed in a short period.
1. They are known as renewable resources.
2. They are free of cost.
3. They do not cause any pollution.
4. They are going to last forever.
5. e.g. wind, water, solar energy, geothermal energy.

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