Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

3. Agriculture

Non-Food Crops

Non-Food Crops
रबड़ :
Rubber :
Features :
1. It is an equatorial crop.
2. It is also grown in tropical or sub tropical areas.
3. It is a kind of natural plastic with many invaluable qualities such as elasticity, non conduction of electricity.
4. It is an important industrial raw material.
5. India ranks fifth among the world’s natural rubber producers.
Geographical Requirements :
1. Temperature : Above 25ºC
2. Rainfall :
1. It needs well and heavy distributed rainfall.
2. 200 cm – 400 cm.
3. Soil :
1. Alluvial or Laterite soil.
4. Area of Production :
1. Kerala is the largest producer of rubber.
2. Kerala account for about 91 %. of the total area under rubber plantation.
3. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andman and Nicobar Island and Garo hills of Himalayas are the other producers.
Fibre Crops :
Features :
1. Four major crops of India are :
1. Cotton 2. Jute 3. Hemp 4. Natural silk
2. Cotton, Jute and Hemp are derived from the crops grown in soil.
3. Natural silk is obtained from cocoons of the silk worms, fed on green leaves specially mulberry.
4. Rearing of silk worm for the production of silk is known as sericulture.

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