Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

1. Climate

Monsoon As A Unifying Bond

Effect of the Himalayas : The Himalayas extending from north west to north east act as a great meteoreological barrier. These high mountains lend the entire country, a some what tropical touch. For example the temperature is almost uniformly high throughout India during most of the year, specially during the summer months. The Himalayas act as a closed base with which the monsoon winds blow and show their unique performances.
Effects of the monsoon : Moreover, the all pervading effects of the monsoons on the Indian subcontinent have also lent unity to India. With few exceptions here and there. India gets most of its rainfall due to these common winds and that to in the summer season. The concentration of rainfall over few months in a year keeps the whole land water-thirst for a greater part of the year. This thirst for water is universal throughout India. Hence, the need for developing the different means of irrigation (such as canals, wells, tube-well, etc.) is felt all over India. Thus the vagaries (uncertainties) of monsoons is felt all over the country.

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