Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

2. Water Resources

Water Scarcity

Water Scarcity : Shortage of water as compared to its demand is known as water scarcity.
Factors responsible for water scarcity.
1. Growing Population :
It is one of the basic factors which is responsible for water scarcity. Most of our cities are facing this problem due to over population. A large population means more water not only for domestic use but also to produce more food.
2. Commercialisation of Agriculture :
The commercial crops need more water and other inputs. Assured means of irrigation like tubewells and wells are responsible for falling ground water levels.
3. Variation in seasonal and annual precipitation :
Precipitation is the main source of water in India but arrival and departure of monsoon in India is uncertain. Even the distribution of rain fall is uneven.
4. Industrialisation and Urbanisation :
The ever increasing number of industries has made matters worse by exerting pressure on existing fresh water resources. Industries apart from being heavy user of water also requires power to run them.
Most of our cities are over populated. Over population over utilizes the water resources and also pollutes the existing resources.
5. Over utilization :
Due to over utilization the water table has lowered.
6. Pollution :
Domestic waste and industrial waste are the main factors responsible for pollution of water.
Need of the hour to conserve and manage the water resources.
1. To safe guard ourselves from health hazards.
2. To ensure food security.
3. Continuation of our livelihoods and productive activities.
4. Prevent degradation of our natural ecosystem.

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