Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

1. Resource & Development

Resource Planning

Resource Planning
Definition : Resource Planning - It is a technique or skill of proper or judicious use of resources.
Need for resource planning :
1. Most of the resources are limited in supply.
2. Most of the resources are unevenly distributed over the country.
3. Over utilisation of resources may lead to pollution of environment.
4. Planning of resources is also required to become self dependent.
5. Under utilisation of resources will lead to under development of the economy.
Importance : Planning is a widely accepted strategy for judicious use of resources. It has importance in a country like India, which has enormous diversity in the availability of resources. There are regions which are rich in certain types of resources but are deficient in some other resources. There are some regions which can be considered self sufficient in terms of the availability of resources and there are some regions which have acute shortage of some vital resources. This calls for balanced resource planning at national, state, regional and local levels

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