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1. Resource & Development

Land Degradation & Conservation Measures

Land Degradation & Conservation Measures
Land Degradation : It is a process through which land becomes unfit for cultivation.
Factors Responsible for Land Degradation :
1. Mining : It is the most important factor for land degradation.
(i) The mining sites are abandoned after excavation work is over. The excavation work leaves deep scars and other material which degrades the soil. This is common in states like Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa.
(ii) Mineral processing, grinding of lime stone, ceramic industry releases a heavy amount of dust, which later settles down in the surrounding areas.
2. Overgrazing : Overgrazing of land by animals results in removal of grass over a large area making it easy for wind and water to remove the soil. Example Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra etc.
3. Water Logging : Over irrigation of land is also responsible for land degradation, water logging, increases salinity and alkalinity in soil making it unfit for cultivation.
4. Industrialisation : Industrial waste also leads to water and land degradation.
1. Afforestation should be encouraged.
2. Proper management of grazing.
3. Control on overgrazing.
4. Planting of shelter belts of plants
5. Stabilisation of sand dunes by growing thorny bushes.
6. Proper management of waste land.
7. Control of mining activities.
8. Proper discharge & disposal of industrial waste.
9. Moisture conservation and weed control.

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