Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

2. Water Resources

Glossary (Water Resources)

1. Biosphere : Part of the earth which is covered by living organisms both plants and animals.
2. Dam : A barrier across the flowing water.
3. Flora : Plants of particular region or period are referred to as flora.
4. Fauna : Species of animals are known as fauna.
5. Forest : Extensive area covered with trees.
6. Ground water : Water which is obtained from a depth of more than 15 m.
7. Hydroelectricity : It is the power which is generated with the help of running water.
8. Multipurpose Project : A river valley project which serves a number of purposes.
9. Perennial Canals : Canals developed by a diverting water from rivers that flow throughout the year.
10. Soil : The upper layer of the ground containing weathered rocks and humus.
11. Water Scarcity : Shortage of water as compared to its demand.
12. Rain water harvesting : It is a technique of increasing the recharge of ground water by capturing and storing rainwater by constructing structures such as percolating pits, check dams etc.
13. Drip Irrigation : A type of irrigation where water gets dropped in the form of drops near the roots of the plant mainly to conserve the moisture.
14. Inundation canal : Canal meant for diverting flood waters mainly during the rainy season.
15. Irrigation : Artificial means of supplying water to farm lands in the form of canals, wells, tubewells and tanks.
16. Surface water : Water flowing on the earth’s surface in the form of rivers, lakes etc.
17. Tank : Natural or man made reservoir to store rain water.

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