Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

3. Agriculture

Food Crops Other Than Grains

Food Crops Other Than Grains
1. Sugarcane :
Features :
1. It is a tropical as well as sub tropical crop.
2. It belongs to the grass family.
3. India is the second largest producer of sugarcane only after Brazil.
4. It is the main source of sugar, gur, khandsari and molasses.

Geographical Requirements :
1. Temperature :
1. Hot and humid climate
2. 21ºC to 27ºC
3. Coal temperature is needed at the time of ripening.
2. Rainfall :
1. 75 cm to 100 cm.
2. 100 heavy rain fall results in low sugar content.
3. Soil :
1. It can grow in variety of soils like black alluvial, loamy and reddish loam.
2. The best soil is alluvial soil of the Ganga plain and black soil of Southern India.
4. Areas of Production :
1. Uttar Pradesh is largest producer of sugar cane. Bihar, Punjab and Haryana are other states.
2. Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are the states of Peninsular India.

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