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2. Manufacturing Industries

Mineral Based Industry

Mineral Based Industry
Those industries which use minerals as the basic raw material.
Iron and Steel Industry :
1. It is the basic industry since all the other industries-heavy, medium and light depend on it for their machinery.
2. Steel is needed to manufacture a variety of engineering goods, construction material, defence material, telephonic, scientific equipment and variety of consumer goods.
3. It is a heavy industry becuase all the raw material as well as finished goods are heavy and bulky entailing heavy transportion cost.
4. Iron ore, cooking coal and lime stone are required in the ratio of approximately 4 : 2 : 1. Some quantities of manganse are also required to harden the steel.
5. India ranks ninth among the world crude steel producer. It is the largest producer of sponge Iron.
6. There are 10 primary integrated and many steel plants in India.
7. All public sector undertakings market their steeel through, Steel Authority of India India Ltd. (SAIL) while TISCO markets its produce through Tata Steel.
8. Chota Nagpur plateau region has the maximum concentration of iron and steel Industries because
(A) Low cost of iron ore
(B) High grade raw material in proximity
(C) Cheap labour and vast growth potential in the home market.
Problems of Iron and Steel Industry :
1. Shortage of raw material.
2. Shortage of power.
3. Lower productivity of Labour.
4. Poor infrastructure.
5. Lower investment in Research and Developement.
To improve the production government of India had taken following steps :
1. Government has adopted a new economic policy of Liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation.
2. Government is promoting Foreign Direct Investment in the sector.
3. Government has launched Duty Exemption Scheme.

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