Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

3. Liflines of National Economy

Railway Transport

Major Problems of Indian Railways :
1. Most of the tracks are very old.
2. Many passengers travel without tickets.
3. People pull chains unnecessarily which cause heavy loss to the railways.
4. Frequent accidents also cause great loss to the railway.
5. Airways is also giving it a tough competition.
Main factors which influence the Railway Network :
(1) Physiographic
(2) Economic and Administrative
Physiographic Factors :
1. The level land of the great plains have favoured the development of Railways.
2. The flood plain of Bihar and Assam and the rugged topography of the Himalayan region have led to very few Railways lines.
3. The sandy desert of Rajasthan and hilly tracts of Sahayadri are unfavourable for the development of Railways.
Economic Factors :
1. Rich agriculture and greater industrial activity on the great plains have favoured the development of Railways.
2. Capital of India New Delhi is also located in Northern plain.
Importance of Railways :
1. It carry most of the long distance passengers traffic and 80 % of the total freight of the country.
2. It provide employment to a large number of people in the country.
3. Iron and steel industry solely depends upon the Railways.
4. It play a significant role in the integration of the country by bringing different peoples and regions together.
5. They carry big chunks of goods from the place of production to the part and vice versa.

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