Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

3. Agriculture

Factors Responsible for low productivity in India

Factors Responsible for low productivity in India
1. Over Crowding in agriculture :
There are two many people who depend on agriculture. Since 1901 the proportion of people dependent on agriculture has almost remained constant i.e. 70 %.
2. Problems of Inputs :
Indian agriculture has suffered because of the inadequancy of finance, seeds, fertilizers, marketing and transportation etc.
3. Size of land Holding :
The average size of holding in India is very low, less than 2 hectares or 5 acres. Small sized holdings lead to great waste of time, labour and cattle power.
4. Pattern of Land Tenure :
Under the Zamindari system the cultivator was only a tenant who could be turned out of the land. The cultivator has to pay high rents for the land he cultivates and he has no security of tenancy and may be turned out of his land at any time the land lords desire.
5. Poor Techniques of Production :
The Indian farmers have been using old and inefficient methods and techniques of production. There is also a shortage of various kinds of inputs like HYV seeds, fertilizer, pesticides etc.

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