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2. Manufacturing Industries

Industrial Pollution And Environmental Degradation

Industrial Pollution And Environmental Degradation
Industries are responsible for four types of pollution
(a) Air, (b) Water, (c) Land, (d) Noise
Air pollution :
1. It caused by presence of high proportion of undesirable gases such as sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide.
2. The smoke emitted by the industries pollute air and water very badly.
3. Toxic gas leaks can be very hazardous with long term effects.
4. It adversely affects human health, animals plants and the atmosphere as whole.
Water Pollution :
1. It is caused by organic and inorganic industrial wastes and affluents discharged into rivers. Paper, pulp, chemical, textile and dyeing, petroleum refineries, tanneries and electro plating industries let outdyes detergents acids, salt, soap and heavy metals like lead and mercury etc into the water bodies.
2. Fly ash phospo-gypsum and iron and steel slags are the major solid wastes in India.
Thermal :
It occurs when hot water from factories and thermal plant is drained into rivers and ponds before cooling.
Nuclear Pollution :
Wastes from nuclear power plants, nuclear weapon production causes cancer birth defects and miscarriages.
Noise Pollution :
Unwanted loud noise is also pollution. It can cause hearing impairment, increase heart rate irritation and anger etc.

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