Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

3. Population


1. Natural resources : They are various useful gifts which are provided by nature like soil, water, minerals etc.
2. Census : Official enumeration of population along with certain economic and social statistics in a given teritory, carried out on a specific day. It is generally conducted periodically.
3. Migration : The movement of people across regions and territories.
4. Birth Rate : The number of infants born for every 1000 persons in a year.
5. Death Rate : The number of deaths per 1000 persons a year is called death rate.
6. Sex Ratio : Number of women per 1000 of men population.
7. Density of population : The average number of persons per unit area.
8. Metropolis : A very large city or agglomeration of population in a district or a country and is often a chief centre seat of some form of activity administrative, commercial or industrial.
9. Natural growth rate of population : Difference between birth rate and death rate.
10. Dependency ratio : The ratio between economically working population and the dependent population is known as the dependency ratio.
11. Demography : It is the study of the population statistics, trends and changes over a time based on birth rate, death rate and fertility rate.
12. Age composition : The number of people in different age groups in a country.
13. Occupational structure : It refers to the distribution of country’s people according to different occupations.
14. Population growth : It is the change in the number of inhabitants of a country during a specific period of time.
15. Literate : According to the census 2001, a person aged 7 yrs and above who can read and write with understanding in any language is treated as literate.
16. Adolescence : It is a period in which a person is no longer a child and not yet an adult. Such persons are grouped in the age group of 10-19 years.


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