Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

3. Drainage


1. Perennial Rivers : These are the rivers which flow through out the year as they get water from the rainfall as well as melting of ice.
2. Lagoon : A part of the sea near the land which has been cut off from the open sea at low tide.
3. River basin : The area drained by a single river system is called a river basin.
4. Drainage : A system of flowing water from the higher level to the lower level.
5. Water shed : The upland or a mountain which separates two adjoining drainage basin is known as water shed or water divide.
6. Gorge : A deep narrow opening formed by the river in the upper course.
7. Lake : A body of water lying on a hollow on the earth’s surface and being entirely surrounded by land is known as a lake.
8. Inland drainage : A drainage system in which rivers do not reach on ocean but empty their water into a lake is called inland drainage.
9. Tributary : A tributary is that river which joins the main river and increases the volume of water.
10. Distributary : A distributary is that river which originates from a main river. It is formed near the mouth of river before it falls into the sea. It is found in the lower course of the river.

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