Geography (NTSE/Olympiad)  

1. Minerals and Energy Resources

Glossary (Minerals and Energy Resources)

1. Mineral : A substance which is found in the earth’s crust and which generally has a definite chemical composition.
2. Mineral Ore : It is the raw material extracted from the earth mixed with soil and other impurities.
3. Mining : It is an economic activity of extracting minerals from the earth.
4. Fossil-Fuels : There are fuels formed by the decomposition of organism under the earth or sea bed.
5. Non ferrous minerals : Minerals devoid of iron contents are termed as non ferrous minerals. e.g. Zinc, lead.
6. Ferrous Minerals : There are metals which contain Iron. e.g. Iron and Manganese ore.
7. Thermal electricity : The electricity produced by using coal, petroleum, atomic minerals.
8. Hydro electricity : The electricity generated by water.
9. Conventional resources : These are non renewable sources of energy. e.g. coal.
10. Non-Conventional resources : There are renewable sources of energy. e.g. solar energy.
11. Galena : It is an Ore of Lead.


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