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3. Liflines of National Economy

Importance Of Means Of Transport And Communication

Importance Of Means Of Transport And Communication
The means of transport and communication are called the lifelines of a country and its economy. The world is developing very fast and means of communication play a vital role in the developement of the world.
1. These help to transfer better technology from one country to other or from one place to other.
2. Means of communication help the traders to have links with other traders and means of transport provide essential product.
3. Means of communication act like nervous system in the human body.
4. Means of transportation carry common people from one place to another.
5. They maintain the balance of demand and supply in the economy.
6. These play a very vital role in the defence of a country.
7. They have shortened the distances between various places.
Roadways have an edge over railways due to following features :
1. Road require less investment as compared to railway.
2. These can be built at higher altitudes and at any place.
3. Maintenance cost is also low.
4. Road transportation has the merit of offering personal services.
5. Extension of agriculture is possible only through road transportation.
6. It is easy and is within the reach of common man.
7. Road transport is used as a feeder to other mades of transport i.e. they act as a link between railway stations, ports & airports.

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